• Concept Development

    Through a very detailed and thorough initial meeting, SCD asks insightful questions to identify our client’s goals and objectives, aesthetic preferences and lifestyle requirements. This is the stage where our client’s vision is conceptualized. A thoughtful design concept is generated, and this is used as a framework for all design decisions.

  • Space Planning

    Space planning defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. This service considers numerous design parameters: the client’s project goals and priorities, the client’s lifestyle, flow of the space, the constraints of existing fixed building elements, and flexibility for accommodating future space needs (on a commercial level).

  • Lighting design

    This step of the process pertains to all general lighting, ambient lighting, and the relationship of illumination to furniture, art, and areas of emphasis.

  • Millwork design

    SCD offers thoughtful millwork designs and details that can be effectively integrated into the overall concept. We pride ourselves on providing singular, stylized designs for each and every project. Our drawings are executed by experienced, qualified artisans, an essential part of the success and quality of the end product.

  • Furniture Sourcing

    As our clientele you gain access to leading industry furniture and lighting lines. Our furniture and fabric choices are individually sourced for each project and always driven by quality and enduring style.

  • Interior Styling

    During the final stages of our design process we ensure that all open shelving, coffee tables and all other areas where accessorizing is required are stylized so that our clients are left with a complete, curated look.

  • Custom Furniture Design

    Our custom furniture pieces are hand tailored and designed to suit individual spaces and clients needs. Each luxury piece is assembled with exclusive material combinations and built by our dedicated artisans and workshops.

  • Construction Drawings

    A set of construction drawings is prepared for each new build and/or renovation project. This is done to ensure the build out is done efficiently and effectively. A construction package can include: demolition plans, construction plans, lighting and switch plans, electrical layouts, door schedules, millwork drawings, trim packages and all other detailed drawings required to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Project Management

    Throughout the construction process, regular site visits take place to ensure accuracy in the build. The SCD team believes communication is essential to the development of the project. All changes throughout the process are issued through written documentation of site instructions and approved by clients before processed.



  • A Residential Transformation