Stacey Cohen

Upholding a high standard of quality and execution, Stacey is responsible for overseeing the entire design process: from meeting the client and understanding their vision, to developing design concepts, planning spaces, creating custom furniture designs, sourcing materials, composing colour palettes and putting together the final touches.

Stacey cohen

Principal Designer

Driven by her passion for designing functional and sophisticated spaces to live, work and grow in, Stacey established Stacey Cohen Design in 2010. Beyond materializing her client’s vision into a reality, Stacey believes in providing the finest solutions to improve not just the aesthetic of a space, but the quality of work and living environments. With her skilled team of industry professionals at her side, she uses her meticulous approach to redefine the lifestyle and design experience one project at a time.

As the creative backbone of the firm, Stacey draws from her International Academy of Design & Technology education as well as her unique and bespoke aesthetic to ensure that the design outcome is thoughtful, functional and as unique as the client. With her years of hands-on industry experience, including working alongside a high-profile developer in Toronto, Stacey understands her clients’ needs and interprets their wishes and lifestyles through her commercial and residential designs.

Lidija Bisak

Lidija bisak

Project Manager

Lidija has been a core member of the SCD team since the creation of the firm. With her incredible problem-solving skills and ability to think quick on her feet, she is the best project manager we could ask for. There’s not a challenge she can’t handle and her responsibilities at SCD include, but are not limited to, preparing budgets, outlining timelines and construction schedules, communicating with clients as well as vendors and overall project management. She graduated from the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology with a B.A in Interior Design and now utilizes her expertise to ensure that every step of SCD projects is executed with impeccable precision.

Chantal Gabriele

Chantal Gabriele

Senior Designer

Chantal is an extremely talented designer and space planner who has been part of the team since the inception of SCD. A space expert with a keen eye for details, she’s constantly coming up with ingenious solutions to make the most of any interior. Chantal graduated from the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology with a diploma in Interior Design. Her role with SCD as a senior designer involves overseeing the development of all drawing packages and technical detail, space planning, creating custom millwork design, sourcing materials and putting her magical finishing touch to materialize each design project.

Joanna Ki

Joanna Li

Associate Designer

Dedicated to her work and to the SCD clientele, Joanne’s design and space planning skills are a great addition to the team. Joanne graduated from Humber College with a diploma in interior design. Her responsibilities as a designer with SCD include conducting site measurements, drafting technical and construction drawings, communicating design concepts to clients and more. She does regular site visits to ensure that all projects are being executed to the highest standards.

Alannah Kerr

Alannah Kerr

Project Coordinator

Alannah graduated from Niagara College with a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. After working in the hospitality sector for years as a manager, Alannah joined the SCD team, brightening our office with her upbeat personality and incredible coordination skills. As a Project Coordinator, her role involves preparing budgets, purchasing materials, completing inventory checks at clients’ homes, coordinating trade installations and providing support on the coordination and execution of all projects.

Trevor Cranmer

Trevor Cranmer

Styling Coordinator

Creative and fantastic at accessorizing our homes, Trevor can make something out of nothing (literally). Trevor graduated from Yorkville University with a B.A in Interior Design. As a styling and photoshoot coordinator, his role includes organizing photoshoots, styling photographs and providing support in final home installations, accessorizing and making sure we’re having fun at every step of the process.

Dominique Bastien

Dominique Bastien

Office Manager

As we’re tackling various design projects, Dominique ensures that our office remains organized. Dominique has a passion for design but prefers the business and administrative side of it. She graduated from Sheridan College with a diploma in Interior Design and worked for years in sales, production and marketing for a lighting company. Today, her role at SCD as an Office Manager involves running the daily operations of the office, providing clients with after-sales services, liaising with clients ensuring that all their needs are met as well as managing marketing, media relations and branding.

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